Progressive Hardware Supply Solutions

FCO Distribution supply hardware from industry leading brands such as Star, Motorola and Epson to the channel only via a combination of classic, telephone based sales, and cutting edge 24/7 ordering models. FCO is keen to engage in supply outside of the standard models and adapt our business practices to enable truly beneficial channel partnerships for all parties involved.

Ben Clackson - Managing Director

Having worked within the channel with various hardware related roles for over 15 years, I was becoming increasingly frustrated with the establishment ideology that the channel just didn't matter anymore, and when we was approached with the opportunity to supply specialist goods and challenge that status quo, I jumped at the chance and FCO was born. The channel has its place firmly within the market if that market is to offer a truly diverse and professional product to end users and with that in mind, our offering is simple. We will provide the very best hardware and related services that we possibly can and our channel partner will add their software application, end user account management, support and training skill set that are directly tailored to their chosen industry sector and we will win business.

By us not having any interest in that end user business directly, our channel partners can engage with us with a much higher level of trust than currently offered by our competitors. Indeed 2 major UK Software houses have handed over all hardware operations to FCO including storage, imaging and pick and pack, allowing them to concentrate fully on their application and end user support, and we expect this number to grow consistently as the industry realises both monetary savings but also service level uplift.